Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Border issue: Is India a bit too fragile?

If it isn't one thing, then its the other. Just when the border issue was starting to steam up.....spot-fixing has spoiled the party, and as always the govt swayed the border issue around the corner and out of our sight. The next thing we know, Mr Li, and Manmohan Singh are shaking hands and hugging. Even for a regular newspaper reader, that is confusing. What did India exactly do? Though the foreign minister seemed to have mustered enough courage to say that China has promised to make amends, the actuality is yet to be uncovered. Did India plead with China? Did India pamper them? Or if not these....what did we do actually? Considering the wide disparity between the two country's offensive might, the former is likely to have happened. India has always been a crouching tiger, except we never strike. Once China and India were toe-to-toe. Now, anybody who thinks soo, must have suffered life imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay! While China made large and courageous strides...India was cautious and frightened. As a tender republic we never made efforts, to bring out the pheonix in us, while China is now almost a world power.

And if that wasn't enough, Chinese troups have started encroachments onto the Indian frontiers, thus disregarding the line-of-control. The govt is as silent as a human waiting for his killer to walk past him. The only people who seemed to be taking an aggressive stand on this was the Indian media. The only thing that has developed a world-reknowned identity for itself. While the govt waited for the fire to halt before burying the dead....a violent water blast(spot-fixing scandal) helped them out. As people were busy helping the fire-burnt...the govt put out the rest of the fire, without any public 'hungama'. How ingenious?

We Indians are completely aware of what is happening and what is to be done. India's fragility and fear has haunted it for decades. It's time the govt understood the proverb-

'fortune favours the brave'.

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