Thursday, 16 May 2013

IPl Dhamakka

This year's ipl truly has been a one to remember. S sreesanth and co have disgraced Indian cricket and has toyed with the feelings of a billion people.....who ardently follow the 'gentleman's game'. Indeed, we can say that the players have only been accused, not convicted. But the fact remains that this disgrace has haunted Indian cricket from it's onset in India. Whether Sreesanth accepted money in favour of foul play is only the second question. The majaor one is whether cricket itself has been tainted in this era of so-called strong ethical values. The infamous trio is just a beginning of the apocalypse that is yet to be unearthed. The people have been cheated, the authorities have been cheated, the franchise owners are dumbstruck by this 'alarming news' as they say. To believe that discussions regarding 100s of crores of rupees over a 400 phone calls is about three players with avg credibility and popularity is to be living in a hypothetical world. If this raquuet has got their hands on three players, and has created such an impact......consider a scenario where cricket is controlled by Dawood. Makes all of us cricket lovers look like a fool's rock. The question remains on how we can prevent the trapping of such players. Instead of blaming franchise owners, captains, and management.....let us first analyze ourselves and get to the root cause.....whisch is greed and money.......which ring the same bell on different door. Everyone has something to say....but nothing to do. Gavaskar says that he feels like a fool.....but lets ask him what he intends to do about it as a legend who young guns respect. People who relate spot fixing with crime and corruption are however citizens of fool's dome. At least they didn't steal crores of money from our pockets. What they did ,means different things for different people. For some they infringed the morality of the game. For some, they are rule breakers. For some they are fixers. For.some they are examples. For some they are cheats and liars....................for me they are everything mentioned above.

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