Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Is Osama Bin-Laden actually dead?

The United States of America claim that they have eliminated the infamous al-quaeda-Osama Bin Laden. But that does not put and end to terrorism....especially in a scenario, I'm about to explain. Consider a circumstance, where Osama was a hypothetical charecter. Someone, who would play the role of unifier in the militant group? Then the story changes. Anyone who has seen the film Iron man 3, would now be at the edge of their seats. What is Osama, was nothing but a cover-up....a person to give the abtract group, a more concrete form, with the firece look and long beard. Then, all the US has done is waste their resources on a mere cover-up. The chances that the real player is behind the curtains is high. Why risk the popularity and hence the vulnerability?? Why not pull the strings and call the shots behind the scenes. Now, all you people who have seen fast & furious are at the edge of your seats. The probability of this is high...both rationally and literally.

Why not blackmail or lure in a person to face the camera while you do all the dirty work!! What if in  a worst case scenario....he was a good man? Then the world has killed an innocent man. There are hundreds of questions in the minds of a billion citizens. Unanswerable at present, but possibilities are plenty. If Osama was a cover-up, then it explains a stunned silence from the militant group.

We have our 'rights & wrongs' and they have their's. We are in no way entitled to question or suppress their views. But when innocenet blood is shed to prove a point-'wrong' or 'right',  action is the only option left.

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