Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Everything was quiet....terrorism and extreme Maoism were set on a backfoot.....the people were breathing a sigh of relief. But the silence was a pre-condition for the horror that we were destined to confront, it was merely the 'silence of the forest when a predator is around'. 27 congress party leaders were to shot in cold blood, and 37 others injured as an outcome of 'fight against terror'. Maoists, once again showing their might in their very own backyard, by hijacking and completely annihilating a congress convoy near Bastar. The media can uncover all the evidence they can, the police can dramatise a search mission all they want, the politicians can lash it out from opposite banks of the river all they want......but the cold-hearted truth is that death is served on a silver plate to anyone who tries to raise their voice against injustice in India. We can suspend the SP and relocate the IG, but the damage is irreparable. As we look back at this cowardly show of, unwanted feels immune to the attacks of these 'leftist extremists'. While you can extinguish your hostility with intellectual geography and probability, the actual event may put on a fire in even the coolest of minds.

Many people have taken different viewpoints on this 'unfortunate event'. But the humane question is-what are the possible explanations and views for killing 27 people in cold blood?? While the politicians are using this as a key to the 2014 election.....politicising this issue is like throwing rocks at the martyred corps of these social saviours. Whether the government in Chattisgarh is involved in this landscape, is unimportant and pathetic to some extent. Maoists have terrorised India from the time, when the first saplings of communism sprouted in the democratic soil of India. While the government claim that Maoism has been eliminated, leaving out a few exceptions......they seem to be 'curtain falling' the fact that one of these 'few exceptions' have slaughtered 27 men with heavily loaded artillery and weapons. There are more than just a few questions to be asked in this scenario.
1)Where do these insurgents have access to such high-tech weaponry?
2)How are these extremists living safely inside forests and remote areas...where the govt have conducted 'maoist clensing'?
3)From where does these people get intel on the whereabouts of top political figures like Mr Karma?

These questions seem to pinpoint at a particular place in the dart-board, that the government has tried to cut of for the last few years-the people. Without the local's assistance, they could never move around and conduct such precise operations. Without them, Maoists could never have gathered such mass magnitude of weaponry, without a red alert. The dark clouds have come close to a plan-b retreat. But the government is unwilling to shake the truth out of the people. Why?? For the plain reason that they are votebanks. The uneducated and remote people are the most priceless possessions of all political parties. There are hundreds of people who still believe that Sonia Gandhi is a close relative of Mahatma Gandhi. How pathetic?? But depriving people of education is not a new tone to Indian ears. Such is the condition of the government. Being 'kitten's whisker' close to the general elections, no party will dare to do the right thing. It is very saddening to hear that the political parties are wrestling the rest of India for a few 'baskets of apple'. The very virtue and credibility of being a human is based on caring and loving for fellow beings. But apathy and sympathy are yet to find their footing in this slippery ground of favours, smile-making and diplomacy.

27 people have died,,,,and the only harsh reaction is from the disarrayed public of India. These Maoists are no less than the cold-blooded terrorists, since they are basically social-sadists. Maoism was without a doubt, based on the agrarian violent revolutionary tactics, developed by Mao Zedong. They may have vigorous and anti-social motives and alibis to cover it up. But its high time for these people to actually re-assess themselves and ask them what they are doing other than playing a 'knife's edge' drama based on principles laid down by a man who is currently diluted in soil!! And the most mind-bogging fact is that the viewers are the actual victims. Living in the 21st century we hardly have time for any 'serious child games' as that is what this is.

Seminars or '101 ways to lead a peaceful life' is not going to straighten up these people. They deserve strenuous castration for all the wrongs they have done. Though this may seem inhuman and un-civilised, the method has the potential to wipe out all forms of terrorism, as it is the 'idea of pain that is more effective than the actuality of it'. The lost is buried in a place unreachable. But digging as deep as we can to give closure to the people who have lost is the most apt thing to do.

But to actually wipe out Maoism in India would present wide spread revolt and unrest which will do no good. What is to be done, is to eliminate the extreme terror-inducing Maoists who are usually under cover. This is not a Hollywood blockbuster, where you just thrust your entire army to burn down the forest and everything in it......but it does require 'action'. Action, that Mr AK Antony seems to be unwilling to make. Apparently, the death of 27 innocent anti-maoist workers isn't a matter of interest to the Indian army. In his words......the duty of the army is to fight wars. Is the defence minister proclaiming the fact that India is preparing for war or is he pointing to the fact that India is already fighting an invisible war with other nations? Or is he just being naive. The police, with their petty hand guns and cane sticks stand no chance against the impressive weapons of the Maoists. A virus can be turned down by pulling out it's plug,,,,, a plant can be destroyed by uprooting it. And thus Maoism can be invigorated by finding the root causes and destroying them.

The above causes are ofcourse rampant poverty and homelessness of the poor rural people who fall into the traps set by these evil sadists. The only ones who could have made a difference are no more. The ultimate question is-does somebody have the courage to stand up and face these people who are no strangers to serving death??? Until then it's mayday for all!!

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