Sunday, 26 May 2013

Why education in India needs immediate refining??

Indian education is hitting bottom rocks amidst more 'important' issues and is now heading towards complete anarchy. Indian population does not lag behind as we all know. And the youth is a major component of it. If all these individuals put in their efforts at the national level....India will become one of the most advanced nations in the world. Indian youth has attracted economists from all over the world. The immense potential interpenetrates with the magnitude of the youth. If they can perform to their utmost calibre, India will become free of poverty and other social hooligans. But for the Indian youth to emerge as a flying butterfly, there is a lot to be done. The education system is descending into chaos, and children's dreams have come to a standstill. India is now raising a barn of doctors and engineers, who are 'questionable' in their knowledge of these fields. With hundreds and thousands of engineering colleges, from the vast deserts of Thar, to under the Howra is fast loosing it's 'elite' social status. Medicine, is still however, trying to maintain it's unique identity. A lot of this point at parents. Parents force their children to adapt to these courses, when they may be talented in other fields. I would like to quote from a great eye-opening film in India-3 IDIOTS.

"If Sachin Tendulkar's dad had told him to become a singer, or if Lata Mangeshwar's dad had asked her to be an opening batsmen.....where would India be??"

As a developing nation with vast potential, India has an array of jobs which require skilled people with various degrees. One of the major reasons for India's under-development is the bulk of engineers in the job-market. India is clueless on how to use engineers in other fields of expertise. But the amazing fact is yet to come. Despite this, India lags behind in technological development and also on all medical grounds, like infant mortality, life expectancy, middle-aged deaths....etc.

It was amidst this craze that the education minister Kapil Sibal, decided to change the basics of CBSE(the national syllabus from KGs to 12th). It is now only possible to know your grades and not your marks. Anybody who gets 91 or more out of a hundred gets A1, and likewise. So a child who gets 100% is deemed equal to another child who gets 91%. This system maybe useful in countries with small population like to some extent, UK and the US. But in a country like India, where the population is so high, there is an ardent need for competition. Children thrive under pressure and competition. Hence we can bring out the best in them by putting them under considerable pressure. This is not survival of the fittest. This is a survival mission. People need to be successful in life, only then can they contribute to a nation.

Indian colleges and universities are the best in business. They have been ranked amongst the best in the world. The students who pass out from these universities are talented and productive people who are immediately offered high-fi jobs.

Here lies the second problem in the education of India. All students after, their degrees are looking for jobs in foreign countries. I guess they are blind to the comforts in one's own nation!! Anyways, these productive results of Indian universities, accept jobs from companies abroad and join their workforce. If atleast, 50% of these pass-outs stay in India and work for Indian could make a huge difference. In the former instance, however, we are not only degrading our own economy...but also uplifting those of others. This migration is mainly due to the attractive luxuries that are presented before these young people. Economists have always believed that more and more Indians need to stay and work in India itself....instead of migrating.

As a result of all this hocus.....Indian economy is heading towards a road-block. And we Indians once again find ourselves in a situation of extreme difficulty. To wade our way out of this discomfort, we need to invoke the sense of responsibility in our youth and- HUMANS. 

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