Monday, 24 June 2013

Flooding the tank!!!!!

The cry for rain in India has come to an abrupt the people are now praying for it's retreat in the few days to come. The rain gods were ahead of their schedule as thousands were stranded in the middle of nowhere......unaware and bemused by what had just happened. People are defining it as the Himalayan tsunami, as the major rivers of India flooded their holy banks. The number of people who are stranded in the low-lying hills of the Himalayas were estimated to be above 1 lakh. Various agencies, including the army, ITPB & the IAF took form as godfathers as their efforts equated in the rescuing of about 34,000 people from various parts of Uttarkhand....the worst affected state in India. Still stranded in the hills....are another 50,000 people whose fate lies in the hands of the rain gods....who seem hell bent on flooding the Indian rivers. The people of India are in a state of extreme panic....shadowing the fear of the same happening to them. Ganga has flooded in all areas through which it flows. The Yamuna and it's henchmen too had threatened, even the capitol of Delhi. The predictors from the Meteorological dept gave us a scare, by saying that there would be intense downpour in the next few days. But luckily....the worst seems to have passed.

The death tolls from Uttarkhand have been reported as above 1000 as the nation trembles at the hands of nature. Once again, humans are facing the consequences of their 'no thought applied' actions as the high-rise buildings on the hillsides succumbed to the havoc of the floods. The army and other agencies have done a terrific work for these people by not just rescuing them....but also by providing medical aid and dietary supplements. The number of choppers....engaged in the rescue work has tolled up to 43...with the IAF adding 13 choppers recently. All independent states and the central government have taken the situation with 'considerable' seriousness. While the relief work has been deemed as 'well-orchestrated'....many others, including the media are of the opinion that the scale or extent of the damage could have been diminished.....had the congress government or the BJP-govt before it adhered to the construction norms and limits set on the construction of buildings in these remote areas. If there are five-storied structures instead of two-storied ones....the result is not 'NEWTONable'. While many of the politicians are more interested in conducting a visual surveillance for making a new 'GOOGLE MAP' for their iPhones....the people are fighting for their lives in the middle of literally-nowhere.

The Uttarkhand CM has said that it is not their responsibility and the centre does not even project it as a 'natural calamity'. The only thing that the politicians can be happy that there are no TV sets in the rescue camps....because if the people had any knowledge about what is happening in the mainland.....they might just massacre the whole lot. The army is spending their blood and sweat very judiciously and effectively while the PM and Sonia Gandhi decided to ride their unicorn over the havoc-struck area to investigate the welfare of the clouds around them. The story from Uttarkhand is one of extreme sorrow and destruction....whose epicentre has been identified as the holy temple settlement of Kedarnath-one, of the four holy destinations for the Hindus....known as the chota Char-dham. Kedarnath and it's neighbouring areas have been completely devastated by the rain induced flood and disturbances in the surrounding mountain ranges of the proud Himalayas. As a result, all that is left of the temple town is a few pieces of rock and sand. The entire temple has almost been 'submarined' by silt and quicksand. Reports from various agencies have also pointed that dead bodies were found lying around and inside the temple complex which is centuries old. The idol of Lord Siva has been found to be submerged under quick sand. Officials have reluctantly unveiled the fact that the journey to Kedarnath shall be halted for the next 3 year,,,, thus wetting the eyes of hundreds of hopeful hindus around the country. While the other temples of the chota chardham yatra-Gangothri, Yamunotri and Badrinath will be opened to pilgrims within the next few months.

Sitting in various parts of the is impossible for us to do anything of even little significance for those who are trapped in the holy mountains of Himalayas. But the least we can do is to pay our respects to those who died in this tragedy and to pray for the safety of those who are still stranded between 'the devil and the sea'.


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