Monday, 10 June 2013

Manmohan, Sonia in search of a vaccine!!

The Congress top brass are out of breathing space...all thanks to an all-out attack by the opposition. With the election just around the corner, the Congress better bring their A-game to the 2014 election.....or they could be ousted in a very ugly manner. If it isn't corruption, then its the alliance....the congress is a sinking ship with a captain who barely knows where the rocks are. While the BJP is a replica of pure self-confidence going into the election....the Congress seems unprepared and tentative. With the Gujarat strongman, Narendra Modi being publicised as the face of BJP for the 2014 election.....Congress is 'gunning the maze' for it's youth icon-Rahul Gandhi. After humiliating defeats in Utttar Pradesh and Gujarat...despite active campaigning by Rahul, the congress may just be feeling a bit uneasy.....with Rahul Gandhi at the heart.

Practically....'NaMonia is everywhere' as proclaimed by the TOI. Modi-led BJP has launched a full fledged mission to erode it's foundation and credibility....starting with Rahul Gandhi. The opposition has uncovered that crores of money have been spent for advertisements involving Rajeev Gandhi....Indira Gandhi and Nehru. The aggressive leader from Gujarat who has delivered a hat trick to the congress in the last 3 years is currently paving a six-lane freeway, from Gandhinagar to Delhi. Rumours were always screaming out that Modi would be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the NDA in 2014.....but uncertainties from the allies kept the BJP top brass from making a statement. But now the dark clouds have cleared up....the 'ifs' and 'buts' have been cleaned up. It will be Modi who will head the BJP Election campaign.

While the Congress is currently fighting off the creepers growing on them....the BJP have their own set of problem. Whenever an important decision is made....a few eyebrows are raised. And history triumphed here too. Many of the NDA members not just openly despised the decision....they also named candidates of their own choice. Sadly....even LK Advani, who has been a pillar of Indian politics for a long time, decided to cry foul and ultimately resigned from his positions in the alliance. This seemed like a pot of ice cold water to the congress who were trapped in the deepest parts of the desert. But even this they could not enjoy....because the allegations just kept on coming from the BJP. The latest is that the PM has been travelling too much. The travel expense of the PM is in hundreds of crores....while half of the Indian population is under utter poverty and malnutrition.

The BJP had for a long time told tales of the Gujarat story. They claimed that the Gujarat story would be taken to the world....and that Modi would be portrayed as a messiah....who would uplift India from the array of conspicuous problems that need immediate attention. While the Indian population is becoming more and more inveigled by the 'Gujarat Tales'....the congress is not helping it's cause. They seem uncertain about the election and about Rahul Gandhi who seems prone to such political pressure. The youth in him is a definitely a pro....yet a con. The idea of a young politician has for long, blasted fireworks in the minds of voters. But the idea of an inexperienced 'un-vocal' and 'self-proclaimed' leader at the top....will rope a lot of Indians to opting for the Lotus. Modi is a much more charismatic and strong leader, with aggression and public support, while....Rahul's only qualification is his kinship with the Gandhis.

Congress will definitely try to avoid a 'Modi-Rahul' face off as the result is obvious and predictable. The only thing that the congress can smile about is the freshness of the cabinet they are proposing. The congress will present before the people, a new, young and vibrant set of ministers with different and productive views and ideas. The question of the whether the Indian voters will opt for 'experience and assured improvement' or 'highly improbable set of vigorous yet new policies'. It is quite clear that BJP has not only found, but also accepted it's game face....whereas the Congress is still aiming in the dark.

The time is nearing.....what has to be done,,,,NEEDS TO BE DONE. This is the time when the Congress will be looking back at the CWG scam, the 2G scam....the coalgate scam...and the 'yet to be uncovered' scams. But this is not the time to fall back and pout....this is the time to march forth and forget the past that shall always lurk around. Once you fall back....there is no catching up. It is the 'change' and 'experience' of BJP VS the 'trial' of the Congress. But at the moment the BJP seems to be miles ahead of the Congress, and staring at a triumphant victory in 2014. CONGRESS IS IN A FIX. Can they put aside their highly eventful past and focus on the future?? Even if the Congress succeeds in doing so....will the people of India??? India is in search for answers,,,,and right now.....the Congress is in search for an anti-NaMonial drug!!

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