Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A pot of poison at the end of a rainbow for kids!!

What is a human life worth?? Can it be measured in money....or in the efforts they put in.....or the way they look, or the horror of his/her death?? A human life as believed by almost all a result of goodness that we carry from our previous births.....and also a place to wash out the 'shores of goodness' and get knee-deep in the shadowy dark side. But what did the 20 young children of Bihar do to have deserved such a cruelty meted out to them?? What did the parents of these young crusaders do, to wake up everyday...remembering the eerie that left them heartless?? Nobody, but the corrupt officials and the Indian government is responsible for this act of cruelty. Sources have revealed that the food was cooked in the oil, which was apparently kept in containers in which pesticides were stored. Some amount of insecticides were also found in the stomach of these children. The most bemusing fact is that this was not some hotel-food, or a roadside 'quickmake'. This is one of the most proud jolts by the Indian Government-the 'mid-day meal scheme'. In this scheme....children who attend government schools are provided food in the morning, noon and in some places....the evening. The motto of this scheme was to encourage children from the lower strata of the society to be able to attain education. But was just another 'Punch & Judy' play from the government in the lifelong chapter of 'false-claim' votes. But it way past the time....that political parties understood the consequences of their irresponsible actions. Just like how the parents look after their children...even after their birth....the government is bound to look after the functioning of such policies even after their advent.

Putting aside the petty, and dull political side of the coin....the reality is a shock, difficult to conceal. In a democratic setup like think that the government that the people elected would backstab them is unthinkable. This 'no worry' attitude of the Bihar and the central government has left the young generation of a state of extreme isolation and confusion. While the present parties claim that "students are seen as brains and not mouths to feed....", the reality clocks out in the hands of the state government. The principal of the school has been reported to be absconding, since this eventful news has spread. The question being asked to the political class of India, is whether the life of some 20 children matter or these selfish and greed-ridden people? All that is happening as a result of this catastrophe, is that the BJP has got some fresh breeding grounds, and the managing fraternity of the schools.....will now be much more careful while feeding the children who dream for a glorified job. One of  the major reasons for this new-found attraction of the poorer children towards the government the now infamous 'mid-day meal scheme', which, if you exclude this mishap...has been a wonderful effort by the government of India. Just like any other issue....after the unearthing of such an event, similar happenings in other states are slowly popping up, as the people of India hopelessly look at the events of last week...and eagerly await mandate 2014.

The gravity of the event is unfortunately, not the lives of 23 is the fear of the unexpected for the other poor children of India...who are dependant on the same. The mid-day meal scheme is probably the most popular effort by the government that has received a lot of attention from all over the world. But even 'salvation, is now tainted'. This kind of mistrust, that has been put on display by the ministry of Mr Nitish worthy of a critical analysis, that could probably ouster his image of 'Mr Goody boy' who has proclaimed himself as the 'Noah of Bihar'. But apparently...there are unfixable holes in this Noah's ark. And a lot of members are now falling prey to these 'bombed holes'. Such atrocities are not just a failure of a system on which people place extreme trust...but also a violation of the right to life & basic amnesties. It is with great regret that I place the argument, that it was in all aspects better to not have provided such a benefit to the children, rather than serving 'poisoned buffet'. The youth are the holy grail of any country and we are indeed lucky to have such a resourceful section of it. But ruthlessly poisoning them with such reckless acts of brutality is unacceptable under any circumstances. The authorities need to be filled in on the fact that children are to be fed 'properly'....not pauper-ly. Unless and until, the authorities put their hearts into it and think of these innocents souls as on of their own...such incidents will become de-ja-vus in a society which is already saturated with ills.

Out of this series of unfortunate events that unfolded last week....the only thing that we can smile about is that the authorities will be much more vigilant during the course of this month(atleast). Let us hope that the beasts can for once become beautiful, for the sake of the 'little red riding hood' s.  

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