Monday, 8 July 2013

The Buddha Cries!!!

India has once again been rattled, by the cultural ‘wrongists’ who we sweet-named, as ‘terrorists’. The attack this time was on the Maha Bodhi temple complex in Bodh Gaya, Bihar. So now….the target is shifting. From markets, to parliament, to hotels and temples….terrorists are filling the earth with unprecedented attacks. A blood-clotting attack against the Buddhist monks, who ironically are the henchmen of truth and peace. The timing and dexterity of the attack is well under the scanner…and so is the lack of ‘a good eye’ from the Bihar government. Though unclaimed…the attack seems to have been orchestrated by the Indian Mujahideen . If one is to believe what the union home minister Mr Sushil Kumar Shinde has said….then 10…out of the 13 planned explosions inevitably killed 2 Buddhist monks and injured several others. Such cowardly acts of monetary, moral and most important of all-human losses are yet to be rationalised. The explosions at the temple….however, did not imprint on the Bodhi tree, where Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment…or the unbelievably tall statue of the great one. As usual, the lives have been lost and the damage has been done. There is no use in ruing over the fate that god has pronounced. But the reasons behind this attack, the measures that could have mitigated it and the ‘blinking’ that led to it….are to be analysed. The attack on the temple was well thought out and excellently executed. How is this possible in the most divine destination of Buddhists all over the world? More importantly….why such an attack and why now? And if be a motive,,,, what is it? Is it communal…religious….or plain pleasure of seeing the pain of hundreds of people who committed no sin.

With 2014, around the within reach…the BJP took full toll by claiming that the central government was responsible for the lack of security at Bodh Gaya. While one can blame the BJP for playing politics in such a sensitive issue…he cannot overlook the argument that the BJP is just playing the role of a dutiful and devoted opposition! The congress party is yet to reply to this allegation by the principal opposition party. At the same time, the BJP is juggling around with it’s former partner- JD(U), claiming that it was Nitish Kumar’s fault. The Bihar CM was flash-like in responding to this, by saying that the security was top-notch and that the baton of security will be handed over to the CISF. Following these salvos which pierced the heart of both the congress and the JD(U)…the BJP launched a dawn-to-dusk bandh forcing all shops and establishments to close down immediately. The BJP is definitely paving a red carpet entry into Delhi with snipers in hand.

Coming in as a breather for all those affected…one person was detained by the NIA based on an identity card that was found in the nearby areas. But this breather was not a consolation for the peaceful monks who were shattered from their spiritual enclave and made subjects of a pillar of terror. Bodh Gaya is one of the cornerstones in Buddhism and is one of the main tourist attractions in India, with thousands of people visiting it every month. But the choice of the target and the executioner are a dichotomy that stinks conspiracy. Various happenings of the last week may have triggered such an attack. But the hunger of these people and their determination to create havoc in a place of inter-national importance is despicable. The IM is not a stranger as far as India is concerned. The Pune bombing, the Jama Masjid attack, the Varanasi bombing and the Mumbai serial blasts will be lurking in the minds of the people. Being a visible frontline of the LeT, it’s goal of a south Asian khalifat would have been a major factor in the attack. But one cannot turn a blind eye towards the ‘dominoes’ approach by the Govt of India. When all other countries are eliminating their terrorist threats….India is conceitedly  stalwart on budding it’s potential threats.  Instead of gunning down these saddists…the govt is now in abeyance. Terrorism is much more loftier than all other issues India is facing right now. And if anybody wants to score a brownie point…score it by avenging the lives that were taken by these extremists.

The general belief nowadays is that government is synonymous with petty politics-dealing with seats and victory and less associated with economy, welfare, equality, and more importantly, the running of the nation.  Campaigning is all about gloating the achievements of a party…but soon, parties are going to be left with nothing but themselves. Maoists and terrorists are now batting on the frontfoot and the government is becoming a total fiasco. The so-called seers of modern times….the messiahs of the 21st century-the politicians who we trust with our lives and our nation are proving their ‘uselessness’ as the nation bleeds at the hands of these eerie-filling sights. The veneer of the govt is boiling apart as the terrorists ordain themselves for such attacks. We are short-sighted at the short-fallings of the government.

This Bodh Gaya issue is just a poster of the film that is unbearable to watch. This incontrovertible culture that has caught us off guard and only complete co-operation and physical violence can win this tug-of-war. In the 1940s non-violence was the answer to every question…but the time have changed and the goals and technology too have not been static.  If the various political parties be amenable at this most opportune time…we could probably exige this threat and create a better tomorrow .

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