Monday, 26 August 2013

Education is now drunk.....and at the verge of lung cancer!!

Known for widespread literacy, and wits....India is a land blessed with a highly energetic youth. But unfortunately, this resource is slowly loosing it's edge and intellectual Everest. The sole culprit in this regard is the growing habits of alcoholism, smoking and drug use, among our shining stars. The sophisticated and outcast rationale of peer pressure is soon becoming a holy the reason for this gravitation by peer pressure. There are always, a few rotten eggs....but the rest are ripe, and can be moulded in any way we want. No matter how hard parents try....the end result is always a long way shy of the anticipated ones. The dreams are crippled and the vision is wobbling. The daunting pressure from friends and acquaintances have increasingly lured innocent children into such deadly avenues. Parenting is now the Mission No. 1....with children growing out of our clasps. What do children do at school.....who are their friends.......what do they do in their spare time.....where do they hangout? A few questions to which all modern day parents are clueless. Often, in the name of modernisation, we choose the wrong path. Modernisation is ofcourse the stem of freedom....but not liberty. Liberty is unlimited freedom....which is not apt for any person of any age. Children should think of themselves as 'citizens of tomorrow', not trend-setters of today.....because trends come and go, but citizens remain till death. The mammoth responsibility on the shoulders of all children is of course the future of our country. This dream is loosing it's pitch in a wilderness of bad habits. Children start smoking and drinking at primitive ages and continue this habit into their late life and give the nation.....'unwanted drunkards' who are nothing but a liability. This is the blunt truth. Nobody is imparting that drinking is to be abolished. But excessive drinking and drinking at primitive ages is to be boycotted. The vital question to be asked why the children are doing this. An obvious answer would be that it makes them feel 'cool and important'....whereas the truth is, they are 'cowards and insecure'. Students feel alienated and insecure and resort to such habits to make them famous and important. If they in-turn redirect their efforts and time into something more productive....they can achieve both acceptance and popularity.  But the social conduct often rebels with the obvious. One way to actually reciprocate this includes parents. Parents influence their children to a very large extent....and if they give 'enlightenment speeches' in regular intervals, stating that alternative talents and studious stature is something to be proud of can be helpful. A simple statement would be "anybody can smoke and drink, but very few can sing/dance/study....".

There is often a notion among students that they can manage both 'funkiness' and 'nerdiness'. But as much as I would like to accept is not possible. As far as children are concerned, there is no Madhya's either Kashmir or Kanyakumari. Slavery to alcoholism and smoking is almost so viral, that people who don't tow behind are deemed 'uncool'!! This isolation and mocking is the embryo of a developing 'junkie' who the society despises. Indian economy needs an intellectual overwhelm that can push the Indian economy from it's shallow depths. Not a bunch of gangsters bragging about their lawlessness. This anti-social revolution has been triggered by petty shopkeepers, whose profit motive blinds their moral musk. These shopkeepers hand over cigars and other unhealthy objects like 'paan masala'(an Indian favourite) to CHILDREN IN UNIFORMS disregarding their future. One cigar changes a child's life. It is intriguing to think how a small white stick can permanently fog a person's life. Schools in India are very conventional and mark oriented rather than the foreign schools. This is not bad, but still not overwhelmingly good. If external talents were considered for enrolment in schools and colleges, the students would devote their time for this rather than smoking and drinking. But in India...the universities are so academics-devoted that the low scoring students feel helpless about their chances in getting into them. If this attitude of the universities are changed and the children are enlightened about these changes....then we can bring about a great revolution.

Being a child in India has various benefits. Right now....India is a developing country. Skilled people are wanted in all fronts of the nation. In politics, economics, astronomy, science, technology, and sports. There are more....but enumerating them would be implausible. In such a country....where jobs are countless, skill is highly appreciated, foreign investment just opening up, sporting being sporting, and economists.....highly rewarded. To hear that such a country is being deprived of its vibrant and productive invigorating. Nation building is one of the most important tasks in front of India. In such a situation, were the country is in desperate need of a productive workforce, children are wishing and smoking away their lives in 'nooks & corners' of their city. This has been further promoted by teenager hangouts, and eateries where all kinds of people mix and interact.

India is in grave danger of a complete generation of 'wasted people', that could setback the economy by a few years. If one is to look at the success of countries like Japan...they have emphasised heavily on human resource, and have harvested their results. This can be done on a much larger scale....only if the govt and the people contribute equally, and see the future that the youth beholds. The current scenario is where the weigh is lofty on the dark side.....with an attractive bridge from the lighter side to the darker one. As more and more people fall prey to such immoral habits.....the nation is succumbing to these indirect injuries. The fiery youth is firing cigars....but not ideas. 90% of the smokers started smoking before the age of 20 and finally stopped..............when they succumbed to lung cancer and other disease. It is hard to believe that a section of people who are being educated, are actually consuming a commodity that the producers themselves have declared cancerous. Alcohol is also very common among children as they are introduced to it, either by their own parents who think of it as 'forward'....or in various clubs and pubs that are now dotting the global landscape. Nobody is saying that drinking should be abolished. But at tender and ripe ages....they can easily get addicted to it and carry it on, behind their parent's back. Nicotine and liquor are grasping the youth of India and jailing them in smoky places, from where escape is impossible.

The kids are often eager to try out such things and devote all their attention and effort into it. But if this enthusiasm is channelled or propelled in the right direction...the outcome will be whooping. But we are far from ridding the kids of nicotine and alcohol. Parents are the messiah who have the capacity and influence to put an end to this mis-culture. They have to keep aside a zenana for the kids, so that they can realise their actual duty....which is to be good citizens of the country. They have to raise kids, not as domestic personals, but as sophisticated contributors to the Indian economy. For that to happen.....such distractions have to be avoided and the focus should be epicentred at studies or  a vision that children have. Our former president Mr Kalam was extremely apt, when pointing out, that Indian devpt will see a Ceaser in the form of our youth. He was even more apt, when he asked the budding flowers of dream, dream and dream.

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