Monday, 5 August 2013

Heroes abroad.....humiliated back home.......feminism needs rejuvination!!!

In the last few weeks....India saw a group of girls from Jharkhand emerging as second runners up in a football tournament held in Spain. They have now left a life-long imprint on the sporting wall of honour, despite the discouraging and humiliating treatment that was given to these girls, back here. These talented girls are now the future of Indian football, which has long been forgotten as a sport in India. But these girls have been treated with utter disgust and out casted from their own society in Jharkhand. Instead of receiving them with garlands and bouquets, they were even denied their birth certificates, by the village officer. These football lovers are part of a greater initiative, termed YuvaIndia. While the government gives hundreds of crores of rupees to even the water boys of the Indian cricket is despicable to imagine that these girls were actually ostracised from their society, let alone be rewarded. The cruel face of gender discrimination, along with the hostility towards the development of football in India, has created this demon. Had this been a cricket team....despite all differences and complexes.....the people would have received them with warm hands. Had this been a group of boys....they would have been thrown to 'cloud 9'. This is the attitude of people. The extreme hostility towards the idea of women rising clouding the minds of all people in India. The girls have further stated, that they were physically abused and even made to sweep the floors of the village common place....thus adding to the brutality and shame of this act.

The AIFF is of the opinion that the tournament in Spain was not conducted by any recognised organisation....and hence it is unimportant. But any person can understand that 'any' competition conducted in 'Spain', a heaven for footballers will not be a fraudulent one.....even if its not of 'World cup significance'. It is in reality an achievement of utmost honour and pride to a country that has been 'footballed' in almost all tournaments. This event is also at the wake of shocking attacks on women in the immediate past. All in all,,,, the position of female population in society is one of subjugation. Some men treat their opposite gender in an 'ant-boot' fashion which is morally, ethically, and lawfully condemned. Yet the cases of crimes against women are regulars, in all magazines and newspapers. Sadly, even the government is unwilling to do something about this. The male-dominated political Colosseum is not willing to lend ears to the cries of women across India. The justifications for such crimes are laughable and petty.....yet lawfully accepted. The fact that the girls from Jharkhand were humiliated for their an issue which pans across the fields of feminism, sports and politics. It is much more allied to basic amnesties and human rights. Leaving aside the fact that they are inter-national heroes....they are basically citizens of a democratic nation. In such a context, one can assume that any person will have access to his birth certificate. Butt here, these girls were deprived of any such luxury and were further forced to sweep the floor and allegedly abused. Why did this happen?

To answer the has to travel back in history, and understand the kind of 'monopoly' power that they had in society. As time passed on, these narrow-minded bards were forced to cope up with equality of men and thus lost considerable amount of authority and power. But on the inside....the roots of prejudice and discomfort with women empowerment were still there. This fire is ignited with issues that bring women under the limelight, such as the one above. Thus men resort to despicable and socially unacceptable measures like rapes, and forced show their dominance. But with such acts of utter brutality, they are only showing how cowardly they are and how scared and petty they are. This is something men fail to understand. One can though smile about the fact that the younger generation are far past this kind of a storyline and are pretty much 'humans' than 'male or female'. But a time when gender is a mere clause in a registration form, is far from reality.

The issue of these girls is one leaf, of a larger tree of women empowerment. It is just an example of how far India has to go....for gender equality to be a reality. Right now,,,, the regular tales of rapes, and injustices meted out to women are more than enough to know that India needs refining. Refining is not adoption of western many people tend to think of it. It is merely improving and broadening our own culture, yet staying true to it's basic identity. This may seem impossible in a country of diverse cultures and religious way of life. But the need of the second, is women empowerment....which has now ceased as a result of repeated failure. But to never let go is the key to success....and equality for women is an issue, we should all work for. A classic example of this is the movement to help 'Nirbhaya', the victim of the recent Delhi rape case. To see an overpowering number of men protesting for the girl was indeed a great sight. But the fact that we were all surprised about this disappointing.

"Changing the present is not the apt choice,
Moulding the future is the last grail."

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