Wednesday, 7 August 2013

How dare you not salute the martyrs??

Shocking the Indian population, and snapping the fragile tie of friendship between India and Pakistan, seems to be a trademark errand for the Pakistan army. The entire nation stood still, as the national media brought out the news of the death of 5 Indian soldiers in the Poonch sector of the much troublesome state of Jammu & Kashmir. The soldiers were ambushed by a battalion of the Pakistan Rangers who infiltrated as much as 450 metres into the Indian territory, thus violating all the LoC norms and also breaking the ceasefire treaty. The entire nation is mourning the death of these 5 soldiers who selflessly let their lives down in a valiant effort to protect their nation....and is also craving for immediate and effective retaliation from the Indian side. But the government's take on all this is very delicate and insensitive. The parliament saw one of the greatest all parliamentarians cutting across party lines......pleaded to the government for aggressive reaction. But yet again, the Indian government has resorted to 'talking policy' which has never borne fruits in the past. The question everyone is asking today, is what the value of 5 lives is in India?

The defence minister is a bag of uncertainty. At first he was of the opinion that there would be no sign of aggression from the Indian side....and that the issue would be taken up in the so-called talks with Pakistan in New York. But then he changed his stance by claiming that the attack was conducted by 'terrorists in Pakistan army uniform' as a revenge strike on the pole of the 'Afsal Guru hanging'. The fact remains that no one is interested in the cause of the event. The people of India and the relatives of these martyrs are demanding closure via the killing or extraction of these barbarians. The Indian army has stated very clearly that the ambush was the offspring of the Pak Rangers and not any terrorist group. But despite this statement, the Indian defence minister is of the opinion that all this is just a hocus.....and that the truth will be uncovered with the talks in NewYork. The defence ministers act is one which makes us think that were are 'mute' spectators of an 'invisible drama'. There were rumours for a few minutes about a secret Manmohan-Sharif pact, which were dusted away by Salman Kurshid. However the clarity is required on the front of why India is so delicate on this issue, and why the government is so keen to lift the blame of the Pakistan government and army.

Each and every one of the political leadership, has lashed out openly at this 'hide & seek' politics....where India seems to be a permanent hider. Despite such a harsh stand by the various parties and most importantly, the people of India, why is the UPA so adamant on batting for Pakistan. The people want a government that can work towards the will of the people and not for the personal and multi-layered dusky wants. The defence analysts are of the opinion that India is militarily far more superior than Pakistan. The Pak Rangers also know this. So one can rule out any possible 'nerves' due to a possible war. Is India gaining some kind of economic or moral or any sort of aide from Pakistan. History and present and sweeping comments suggest otherwise. After the beheading of the Indian soldiers a few months back....the Prime Minister had stated that there would be no 'usual business' with Pakistan. It appears that the Prime Minister was actually throwing light on the fact that there would be 'intense and extensive business' with Pakistan after the issue. On various occasions in dialogue and action.....the Pakistan government and army has ruled out any desire for peace with India. But still the Indian government is head over heels and hell-bent on forging a squeaky peace treaty with the Pak. The killing of Indian prisoners in Pak jail, the beheading of Indian soldiers, the violation of ceasefire 57 times, and now this......combined with the open comments from the Pakistan bureaucracy, is just a highlight on the already imprinted statement of "NO PEACE TREATY WITH INDIA". It is very evident that the Pak army and the Pak govt hold a strong grudge based on historic tales and facts. But to openly unsheathe it in an international roof where international peace is our primary a bit childish and irresponsible. Such reckless and cowardly acts can even trigger a world history rightfully points out.

Pak is definitely a country barely afloat amidst their thriving internal strife and terrorism......but unless there is a positive outlook and mindset....the relations shall get worse and more and more martyrs shall rise. After 24/11, India was on a stern note against Pakistan, with evidence shooting salvos at the Pak territory. But to digest such tensions and to cleanse their their work and no body else's. Petty remarks on how the Pak Rangers are entirely different from the Terror nothing but a self-assurance that a country at the wake of 'terrorist coup' is making to itself. But none of this justifies the cowardly response from the Indian Republic at the wake of 5 of their soldiers being martyred by their ethnic enemies. When India demanded for stringent and aggressive got benevolent promises of evidently fruitless talks. When the Indians demanded a clarity-rich answer....they got a cloudy and uncertain answer from a dividend bureaucracy. The Indo-Pak tensions have always been on the higher scale....ever since the time of partition. But the aim should be to contain such tensions and to move peacefully.
However....if one party is adamant on it's line of action.....and is treating agreements as mere documents, then the only option to retaliate at times like this and to issue a stern warning. Let us all face the fact that India does have a few weapons in it's quiver.

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