Saturday, 28 September 2013

What on earth is happening here??

Abnormality is often associated with a slight deviation from the general consensus on certain fundamental aspects of society. However....India is breaking new grounds on abnormalities prevalent in society, by introducing a new set of norms. Ruling party VS The government. wait a minute....its the same thing. But in might have to reassess his typical analysis. The party vice-president of the Indian National Congress went on air to say that the ordinance against the tainted MPs is completely wrong, period. Rahul Gandhi....whose surname does all the talking, completely lifted faults of his shoulders and dumped it on the mum Prime Minister, whilst he was abroad. This comes in as almost a direct sermon to the backstabbing nature of the congress our former Prime Minister Mr Rajiv Gandhi, too had lashed out at Manmohan Singh to gain some political brownie points. Two facts are still in the air of bemusal....1) Was Rahul Gandhi's remark, purely a pre-organised political stunt....or rather a conspiracy against a relatively passive PM. And 2) Was it just Rahul's conscience rising at a highly suspicious time. While the latter is more hypothetical than the former....we have no evidence against Mr Gandhi.

Narendra Modi, the BJP's trump card is a well known divisive, and individualistic leader whose policies are very stern and productive. But his opponent....Rahul is a pampered and exaggerated figure with literally no experience in the political arena. But the 'Nehru' factor seems more than adequate for the Congress 'chamchaas'. In such a contrasting episode....this explosive comment seems to have been pre-ordained, as evident from Ajay Maken's smirk as Rahul orated his discomfort with Manmohan's ordinance. This incident has now been exploited by other congress leaders to portray Rahul as an individual...who shall defy even his own government to poster his conscience. Utter rubbish. In no other country....will you see a party office-bearer actually countering his own governments leader. The issue has captured the eyes' of the common man and Rahul's face is once again in the headlines. So as far as the Congress party goes....its Mission Accomplished. The people of India are still bemused and befuddled at this outburst of conscience by India's 'Amul baby'. All the congress leaders are chanting RaGa to nullify the NaMo effect coming from the other side.

While on the whole....Rahul's image seems to have enhanced in the streets of India, the loser on all fronts seems to be the PM....whose phones still rings 'out of state'. As the PM is out in NewYork holding talks with Pakistan and America as the leader of the Indian Union.....his very credibility is being churned in mud. If Rahul had the backbone to say this out when the PM was in India....then the 'conscience excuse' would have sold it. But any pragmatist would definitely scream that this comment should have happened inside a closed hall....away from cameras....and away from mics.....where the criticism could have been contained. But the man....born with a 'golden name' chose otherwise and spat out a few words that cut into the blood and flesh of the Indian PM. This comment however is not just a scepticism about the PM's ordinance.....its a critical remark of his credibility and acceptance within the cabinet that he heads. The question that now lingers in the in the mind of every congressmen is whether the PM should resign. If you ask any BJP supporter he will say that the PM should be jailed!! If you ask a congressmen....he will say that this is a pointer to the fact that Rahul has now ripened and matured to take up his ancestral position as the PM of India. With all the congress leaders, veterans and even ministers falling in line with Rahul, the PM remains isolated and on a bed of thorns. From where he stands, the BJP probably seems a better friend that his very own party congress.

The broader question here is how futile the other leaders seem....considering that their years of experience and loyalty to the party has been lopsided by the blood that runs in Rahul's veins. Why are these leaders who are pillars of Indian politics....kneeling before a 45 year old 'boy' who fails to connect with even his own age-group. A testimony to the fact that he is unconfident of the fact that he has now grown a pre-mature beard to picture him as a mature and wise messiah who shall further brighten---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the Gandhi family name....not India. The question in front of the ordinary voter is whether the people are going to vote for India or Nehru family.

Moving on to the next abnormality is in the BCCI, which seems to be more powerful that the democratically elected government. After a disgraceful and shameful exit/'throw-out' of N.Srinivasan....he is all set to be re-elected as the President of the BCCI. How powerless does the ordinary man seem in the light of this catastrophe? The south committees have completely tied their hands and elected Srini....unopposed. This man....who shamelessly hung on to his chair despite serious and proven allegations against his son-in-law is soon to be reinstated at the helm of India's most revenue-generating and corrupt institution. Our fists are trembling with anger and the will to act....but Indian democracy is a solar eclipse that occurs once in every 5 years to leave behind a trace of ink on our hands. Three of the BCCI's vice-presidents have backed away from seeking an extension. If god showers his blessings....Srini could very well be India's next PM, since Manmohan is losing his credibility and Srini is rapidly gaining lost grounds!!

The most astonishing fact is that many political leaders including Arun Jaitley have backed away from raising their voice against this injustice. Srini most definitely does not deserve to be at that position and someone needs to raise their voice right now.

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