Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lokpal becomes a reality....still cant believe it??

Vande Maataram!! As India submerges itself into the epicentre of this world-wide infection...a faint ray of light seems to have appeared at the other end. A torch....that was lit 2 years back, by Anna Hazare, has finally reached it's resting place. The lokpal bill has finally undergone metamorphosis, and has turned into a fully fledged law. Or has it? The president has inevitably brushed some ink on a parchment titled LOKPAL...but in practical effective will this law be in the corruption-ridden aisles of India. A peep-favourite answer would be that the law lacks stringent implementation tactics, and that it could have been more stern in voicing displeasure, over matters of corruption. Back in 2011 Anna seemed to be adamant on creating a Lokpal bill, that would make the tainted politicians shudder, and cleanse the system for all it was worth. But now.....knocking off the opinion of his former sidekick Arwind Kejriewal, Anna seems to be in a hurry to push through the Lokpal bill in whatever form available. One can draw any 2 inferences from this................
1) Anna too has surrendered before this impossible system and is willing to settle for the tit-bits.
2) Anna is too tired of fasting and has run out of patience.
The first one seems highly probable. While the fact that the bill has been passed, is one of pride and satisfaction.....the disappointment of having come so close to perfection shall always play in the back of our minds. A utopian lokpal bill, is now out of our reach, and we will have to settle for the overly moulded one...that our representatives have drawn up.

The major question that one has to ask, is about the inclusion of the PM, 'with certain constraints'. This outrageous bit of  extra-literature has taken the nation by surprise. India, being a highly orthodox democracy, cannot, by any means promote such a form of inequality...where the ministers are placed a stack below the PM. It seem like a 007 sequel, titled 'license to scam'. Dr Manmohan Singh will definitely benefit from this new bill, as his record in the coal-gate scam has been reset to default. All state governments have also been requested to set up lokayuktas as the pioneer of the lokpal law in each state. The lokpal committee shall have one chairperson, and 8 other members....of which 50 per cent are to have a judicial track record. While these stipulations, and requisites give us some kind of closure while an experimental setup, its success rates fall way below expectations. The committee is likely to be a day-by-day salon with a few fat bellied old men, trying to obtain a fashionable haircut. The CBI has been directed to have a separate investigation wing and is to also create a prosecution wing. We had sunk our hearts and crossed our fingers, when we demamnded for a separate investigation committee and a fully inclisive bill. But our hopes have been crushed with a tender smile and a hedious the government has theoretically lived up to our demand of a lokpal......a horrendous joke, that we have applauded. Furthermore, Anna has exposed the rift between him and Arwind Kejriewal.....with comments of extreme frankness and discomfort......going on to call Arwind and his band, people who the nation doesn't want!! This will also be ahuge jolt to the otherwise ace popularity that he fashions, and it shall downgrade the number of 'jhadoos' on the streets. Good, however seems to be on Arwind's he was merely asking for a better bill.......but it seems like Anna just wanted things to get through. 

Forming a major breakthrough in the people's country, we have got lokpal lokpal law......but it is not as effective as we would have wanted it too. 

Corruption has got hold of our political roots, and its parasitic instincts have wrecked havoc among our diplomatic array. Now, we have a sword to retaliate matter how blunt it might be. 'A sword is only as effective as the person who wields it.' We have the sword, but the ability to wield is in the lacking. We Indians must sharpen our senses and be on the vigilant footing against corrupt politicians who are stealing OUR money, from OUR pockets. Had the lokpal bill been drafted a few years back, we could have avoided the Raja theme, the commonwealth scam, the coal gate scam, and hundreds of others that have not been unearthed. The lokpal bill is sort of a remnant of the RTI. Without the RTI, the windows to strangle scams get closed. Likewise......without the lokpal, the cat can merely jump.......but not scratch. If the lokpal is given the impetus and importance that RTI had received, it shall behoove the indian society. If used properly and judiciously, the lokpal can be a weapon of great destruction that can check on the greed of our beloved representatives. 

One of the most lofty arguments against the lokpal, was its extreme similarity with the CBI. An independent body, enquiring into the cases of crime committed by people. Replace crime, and people with corruption and politicians.......and voila, its symmetrical. But the CBI is not popular for being the hound that chases his master.....its fierce growl and penetrative teeth, often relax before his master. Governments throughout the spatial distribution have used the CBI to their benefit and has reduced them to the status of non-uniform cops. It was under such a scammer, that the struggle for lokpal obtained the limelight 5 decades back.

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