Saturday, 28 December 2013

One rock off the asphalt!!

The brigadier, heading the anti-incumbency movement against the Congress gets a huge breather from a magistrate court in his home soil, as the judicial harbingers absolved Narendra Modi from the guilty mantle of the 2002 Godhra riots. After 12 long years of the horrendous happenings of Godhra, the magistrate court upheld the clean chit that was given to Modi by a Supreme court appointed investigation committee. This decision does of course arrive as a huge brownie point for Modi, just 4 months before the tricky general elections in 2014. The Gujarat CM seems to be overwhelmed and relieved by this decision, and in fact opened his heart out to the Indian population....exclaiming how much the events of 2002 had  'shaken' him to the core, and also used endless synonyms of pain to explain the sorrow that he had felt. But a few letters of remorse shall not satisfy the pain and anguish of the hundreds who lost their lives to the fiery attack by the religious mobs. Momentarily overthrowing the Congressmen from the helm of the anti-Modi brigade, the spear-heads of the 'victim's association' seems to be on the moral court....completely dismissing the decision of the legal authority. These vicious attacks, however are losing their penetrating venom, as they are aimless arrows from people who do not know their ropes.

Different people have different opinions on this issue. While the BJP seems to have taken this as a micro-electoral victory, the Congress has opted to remain mum. Their only argument seems to be that Modi has still not issued an apology. This is however not as acerbic as the ones being made by the victims. They opine that Modi shall never be absolved in the court of the people and that he has lost all moral cherries. The Congress is merely lip moving with the choir, to abase his identity and to augur his tea parties. As a hesitant reply to his critics, Modi unleashed a blog on them....saturated with words that come in as annotates. The tall claims that Modi had driven Gujarati Muslims to the abattoir now stand on hypothetical grounds. The strange thing however is that his antagonist......his probable counterpart, Rahul Gandhi has chose to remain silent and to further aggrandise anti-graft at the cost of Modi. This is either an act of cowardice, and animosity, or signs....that the Indian Amul baby is stepping up his game of chess. The answer....depends on the person who is watching this whole theatre. For the moment.....Modi has got an auxiliary home run, and the bearded messiah seems to be peeling his fruits in the right direction. It has been widely accepted that Modi does not have any direct linkage with the affrays in Godhra, but can he escape the moral responsibility of having been at the helm, when the ship ran amok. Can he abstain from the fact that it was under his nose....that such atrocities had happened in Gujarat? Neither this court verdict, nor his extravagant blog can enact the role of an amulet, as his critics have closed all the getaways...and have lighted a path, straight to the guillotine. The grace of the occasion seems to be Rahul's agoraphobia and his disinterest in Modi, which quite intriguingly was painfully existent a few days back! While Rahul has windowed out everything and channelled on anti-graft as his beacon for 2014....Modi has banked on multi-issues and has swept the streets of India with his rallies and speeches. The success of AAP seems to have satirically driven Rahul to think that 'abbey' politics will surely marinate a lot of popularity. When Kejriwal sang an arousing piece.....Rahul rolled up his sleeves....and set himself on repeat. But who would have thought that silence would be a great artillery!! As Modi lay low for a few the shade of Kejriwal's swear-in and Rahul's 'adarsh'....the people seem to have forgotten and hence forgiven him for the alleged mis-conduct.

As one fly is killed another one takes it's place. The same is the case for Modi. As the loft of 2002 melted off from his hump....snoopgate came running in to take it's place. Apparently Modi's close aide and then Home minister Amit Shah had ordered the Guj Police to literally snoop.....a female christened Madhuri, by the police. While the chain of blame goes from the cops to Mr Shah to inevitably Modi....the 'Modi armada' has sweepingly dismissed all charges and claimed that it was on her father's behest that Modi had ordered such a surveillance. This is a clear legal altercation which should have been treated as simply as a hive of bees. But the Congress chose plan B and decided to spray pot holes at the BJP by ordering a separate investigation at the central level, despite the existence of a state ordered one. While the fact that a person 'cannot see the black mark on his back' is aboriginal....the veiled pressure on the Congress that drove them to a clear violation of India's federal blueprint, is the one to be found. The BJP leaders have brushed up their vocabulary and called this a 'vendetta', a 'witch hunt' and many other things. But Sushil Kumar Shinde says that the fact that they ordered an investigation, which happens to violate our federal structure, and happens to be overlapping on an existing state investigation, and incidentally also happens to be against the Congress' ace opponent, is just a routine un-political order. So why the fuss ladies and gentlemen?? The Congress 'chamchaas' are fighting the battles for Rahul Gandhi and shielding him from all conspiracies....but Modi seems to be biting the bullet and also chewing it down. As each day goes by....with Congress' claims taking vapour...the stature of Modi has grown as tall as his statue of Shastriji, and therefore Rahul has made corruption his main and only issue.

The BJP is in an abysmal situation , and the people are now having a sort of ambivalent attitude towards the saffron party. By banking on Modi's qualities....they seem to have forgotten that his faults are going to be abominable as far as they are concerned. With all that is happening around would definitely behove us to have a snoop gate on our politicians. Another alternative would be to establish Aam Aadmi Parties and form minority governments and thus free our country of corruption............and also effective governance. But only time will tell of their efficiency. At the stroke of midnight...we however forget conveniently, that all this is plausible....only when OUR REPRESENTATIVES come back after their foreign tours and junkets!!

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