Friday, 10 January 2014

Arvind Kejriwal- A critical appraisal !!

The VEHICLE of change is here. The FIRE for change is there. The NEED for change is ever-present. But the question we have our money in the right place?? By aggrandising Kejriwal to the pulpit of a messiah, have we acted out of impulsive 'alternative probing' and left our intellect at the threshold. Clearly, our country is fed up with the Kalmadi's and the Yedyurappa's. So, is this Kejriwalism, a mere rebound....or is it a pragmatic solution to the parasitic politics of India? It is obvious that once in a dark room, you feel affiliated to even the slightest ray of light. The question is, whether Kejriwal is actually the monk in the abbey...or merely a non-vegetarian among cannibals.

Without taking away any credit from Kejriwal.....his social vision is extremely apt, and his fire to serve the people is unquestionable. But blinking to the implications of his proclaimed humanitarian programmes would be equivalent to anti-nationalism. When you cut down electricity tariff by 50%, the government will twitch financially. But the AAP seems to be least bothered about filling this financial crater. The government has to serve the people, but going beyond it's financial boundaries and disregarding the current state of the economy is bad. Team AAP claims that it was able to reduce the tariff because the subsequent amount was being washed away as inflated bills, loss in transmission, and also electricity theft. Then why has the government not restricted these practises....and then reduced the tariff. The Congress and the BJP are seasoned parties and have run governments successfully across spatial distribution, and it is with utmost practical intellect that they retarded from making such tall claims. The AAP is like a fat man trying to burn of a few calories. In his strive to burn some fat....he exerts too much pressure on his body. His body may handle it for sometime...but eventually gives away. The same is the case here. The AAP can continue with this for a few months or perhaps even years....but eventually the coffers will go dry. Added to this, Kejriwal does not establish Newton's third law either. 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.' If he is cutting electricity, where is he generating the lost revenue. AAP is against FDI, and promotes simpler licensing of industries. So, not only have they maintained the width of the financial gate....they have also demolished a possibly wider and newer one.

If cutting down electricity wasn't enough....the AAP has decided to provide 700 litres of free water to all the people of Delhi. Water now-a-days doesn't come free off cost, and it's purification definitely doesn't. So either Niagra falls through AAP's head office....or the policies have not been thought through. The party seems to have become so amenable with it's name, that it is thinking only as an Aam Admi. While the government doesn't work for doesn't work for financial slides either. The AAP has made tall claims about the slum areas of Delhi, and about how they will rehabilitate them to flats and other apartments, again taking a huge toll on the state treasury. The contemporary giant seems to be concerned about the people, but their policies are Aam Aadmi centric, and they conveniently forget that there is a section called the 'rich and the poor' who guard the two extreme ends of the middle class. While the rich don't need 700 litres of free water, and a bypassed electricity tariff...the poor do. So the AAP should stop with 'Ode to the Aam Aadmi' and start thinking about Aadmi as the whole. Write now...the leaders have thought like ordinary people, and created a wishlist. But they forgot that there is no genie who doesn't have to worry about financial and social implications, to fulfil them. Providing 700 litres of free water to all is symmetrical to channelling the poor into the rich. This is far from healthy.

On many issues of social importance, the AAP seems to be pro-people and anti-national. Opposing crucial by lanes like the FDI is treason considering where our economy is. By distributing all commodities at negligible or no cost, the AAP has caught the people's all the wrong ways. On all social issues like grass root level administration, transport, waste management, social justice, education, health....the AAP is aggravated towards setting up hotline numbers and supervising committees. There is, in literal solutions to any of the problems that the Delhites had raised, other than Congress!! AAP has lacked clarity in specific tackling methods and it's goals have often been ambiguous. Kejriwal has claimed corruption to be the root cause of everything from rape to rainfall!! And even there....he has installed committees and lokpals, dispatching whom...there were sting operations that showed officials taking bribe. So you can cancel of the fear factor too.

Basically what the AAP has done, is that it has braised people to build large castles in clouds of questionable strength. Though they will hold for a few years...the ultimate outcome is well-known. AAP will be voted again and again, and Arwind Kejriwal will single-handedly drive the economy to a situation of impossible recovery. But by then...the repercussions would be irreversible. An important fact to be noticed, is that even the other political parties can reduce the tariff rates by 50% or even provide it for free!! But it is because of their practical sense, that they restrain from it. A deep analysis into the AAP policies show a clear picture of concussions, fogginess, irrationalism, and also anti-nationalism. We come to realise that the AAP may be the villain who, in an effort to grasp power had gone out of it's way and created implausible policies.

All the praise and credit being given to Kejriwal and the AAP is because of the success of their political bandwagon, and not because of their policies or ideas. This initial trust and popularity will erode and then the people will analyse. How can a party 'for the people' oppose nuclear power plants...when thousands are living without electricity? So lets not jump to conclusions and judge on the basis of a clean character or a change from the accepted. After all, being human is all about......a critical appraisal!!

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