Thursday, 2 January 2014

New hopes.Tilt your head to the past!

Yet another dawn gives way to the brief musk of hope overwhelms the scent of despair, and remorse. 2013 has left port, and 2014 has docked in. On a few sticky notes....2013 has been extremely eventful and mesmerising....but the eerie of a handful crimes of horrendous intensity shall not cease to lurk in our involuntary minds. The brutal rapes whose numbers go into hundreds, the shallow morals in the bulging pockets, the contrast of  'lusty tunes' against the echoing cries of hundreds, the pain of hundreds at the cost of millions, the fire of change...against the dampness of oppression, the will for change....against the agony to retain power, the patrol of science.....crossing the monolithic sporting, the hopelessness of 2013....into the optimism in 2014. This factual array depresses an Indian to ranks of immiscible returns. But let us reduce the impetus of joules for a second and force ourselves to smoothen the neurons. 2013 saw a few great things, that inscribed India into the domain of greatness and posterity. We could start with 'Mangalyaan' but that would bane it's progress and corrupt it's superstitious shield. Lets dissect the events into different ligaments and observe on a closer watch.

On the political front, 2013 began and ended with a jerk to the Congress party. The year saw Narendra Modi occupying the pulpit as the spearhead of the anti-congress struggle and his mountaineering to the spot of Prime-ministerial candidate. On a note of dichotomy, the Congress has been on a downward spiral. Scams, mismanagement, policy paralysis, lack of clarity in leadership, and many more to fog the shacks of the Nehru family. Without any decisive campaign plan, a stringent leader, or a unified front....the UPA looked battered and bruised. While one would have expected them to rise form the ashes of dismay...the same did not happen. Rahul chanted corruption, while his own party was licensing it. The 'veertas' of Virbhadra Singh was the defiant finish to a rampantly disappointing year for the Congress. The first signs of demolition came when the people saw the crowd-pulling capacity of the BJP poster boy. The grapple, came with countless self-knotting statements by the leaders. The signature move, came with a thumping 3-0 victory in the state assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Chattisgarh. The case of the missing '1' will be discussed subsequently! And the killer blow came with the 'blog & the beast'. Narendra Modi's clean chit was upheld by the Magistrate court and consolidated by a sentimental blog, thus handing Congress a splendid NewYear fiesta. But the above did not mean merryland for BJP. I believe it was spiderman, who said, "with great power, comes great responsibility." Modi....the all-rounder of this innings, found himself responsible for all the 'reaps' and all the 'heaps'. Controversies stalked him the entire year....ending with the 'defamed' snoop-gate! The firefighting was satisfactory, but not par excellence. Modi chose 'verbal silence' as his 'sudharshan bazooka' as the red marks slowly faded away from the ledger. Did Modi snoop a woman? Did he change Gujarat? Will he change Delhi? Questions flooding in....hope Modi has a mental dam. But coming in as a closing DDT, the Aam Aadmi Party slithered into the scene and stole the 'makhann' hanging high above. The Delhi ballot opened with a bang, and handed the of the most 'triumphant losses' in electoral history. Then who harvested the crops. Who formed the government? The balls were double the required runs in favour of Congress swooned halfway through the run-up. But Arwind Kejriwal made his debut, with a stamp of authority and snatched the ball from Shiela Dikshit. The ball was good, maybe not a Yorker, but definitely not a volley. Harsh Vardhan stayed deep in his crease, played to his comfort....and smashed it hard. The shot was well-timed, but fell just short of the boundary. The catch was made....but did the fielder cross the rope. While the umpire was just about to check upstairs...Harsh Vardhan made a surprising walk-off!! The match was done and dusted. The umpire asked Arwind to raise the trophy.....but Arwind turned around and asked the crowd, "shall I take it?" The crowed chanted 'yes' in chorus...reminding a bit of 2013 WWE. AAP HAD MADE A DEFIANT BITE. Ripping the Congress of it's golden armour....denying BJP of the fruit that 'would have been.....', AAP was in the driver's seat.

Politics might be boring.....but what happened in 2013....was nothing short of a Bhansali-trailer. Then came the cloud of darkness. The cloud that was un-anticipated, and pelted down as arrows of destruction and sorrow. Yes, the cloud-burst of Uttarakhand. Thousands of pilgrims stranded on their way to salvation....thousands, wiping the tear of each other.....and thousands, buried well below gravity. The havoc that the floods created, caused Ganga to defy Lord Shiva(the statue that was destroyed), people to squatter and moan.....and politicians to slot brownie points. The material loss, became just a remnant, of the cries that were never heard. The army, however came to the rescue and saved as many lives as they could....sacrificing their own one's in the midst. The entire nation twitched, as the media transcribed the situation at ground zero. A mere sum of 1000 crores did not fix the losses of the people....but the effort of the army....did. The floods and their aftermath...shall echo in our ears, for the time to come. The other story of hostility, was the unbalanced equation at the bordering regions of China and Pakistan. Whether they have a mutual alliance or yet to be found out; but the simultaneous encroachments on Indian soil, from both franchises have hampered our 'talks & ties' with both nations. When Manmohan visited NewYork for the peace talk with Pak.....the army was raining bullets on our patrol parties. India is still on a witch hunt to strain the fat from this filtered milk! The issue seems to have petrified as the time passed by.

Our legislators of course had a very busy day in the office, as they passed 3 or 4, of the hundreds of bills pending under the desk. The LokPal was 'pushed' through, land acquisition was 'fitted' through. But Rahul's smile behind all the devilry was been a pro to be noted!! A mere 'make-shift' bills made the numbers, as they were ready, with a twist!!

'Mangalyaan' has embarked on it's 350 day journey, to Mars to observe and collect..............................................who am I kidding?? To show off that India to has able scientists, and a buff of money. And this was at a time, when the rupee was at 60 against the dollar, and the poor were strapping belts to fill their stomachs. This decision by the government was nothing short of mismanagement and paralysis, as crores got churned away as hydrogen fuel, when a puppet plummeted into the sky...aimed for Mars!! Indeed, a great acheivment!!

After a few disappointments here and there.....we expect at least sports to play in our favour. But defeat ransacked us here to. Young Magnus Carlsen completely outplayed Vishwanathan Anand, and his first name ceased to exist. He was no more the king of the world. Defeated by the vibrancy and pro-activeness of the youth, Anand can hold his head high up. On the other side of the world....reigning world champions India were being man-handled by the Proteas. After losing the 3 ODIs, success stayed aloof, as the test results were also 'red'. Disheartened by the contrasting performance of the team in home and away conditions.....Dhoni & co, have lots of food on their platter....but no palates on their tongues. The roping in of the u-19 football world cup has given a magnified impetus to Indian football, as we not only get to participate because of our buying capability amidst a financial crackdown.....we also get the advantage of seeing Haley's comet within 5 years. Anybody remember the CWG scam under the LEADERSHIP of the infamous Suresh Kalmadi?

2013 has been a year of mixed emotions. For some, its been a clear anti-climax. For some...its an 'I told you so' operation. But crying over spilt milk is never the right choice.....building on our mistakes and respecting our shortcomings is the key to 'survival of the BESTEST'. As we discard one cereal box, the other one appears to be much more colourful and attracting with it being the 'General Election pack'. Hopes are high, expectations....staggering, but mission success rates-yet to be determined. Lets all cross our hearts, and pray that 2014 might unleash a miracle that we so badly need to climb up in ranks....and to come down in cynicism.


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