Friday, 2 May 2014

How the ant tamed the haughty lion?

Even at the most saturated point of it's import, it is said that it is water's humility that makes it conceivable. I could never have been more passive in offense to this statement than in the recent weeks. When a river flows downstream, it's beauty is what invigorates onlookers. But when the same river flows upstream, it's absurdity is what amuses one and all. Elections are on in India...and like the festival season, we find that this is a time when anything can be bought. The disgust of this phrase is unavoidable....but bequeathing all such commercial interferences, was one man. Self-proclaimed....self-crowned.....self-aligned......and dependable. A man, whose sanctuary was considered to be the realm of baptising. A man, who spent more time in detailing his philosophy on national television. Somebody who the ordinary Indian could look up to. But all of a sudden, the sanctuary seems like a asylum that looses it's sheen with the decreasing physical longevity. The fact is obvious, it's out their in the open. But the question remains on our vigilance in retorting. It is said that when the wood that beholds the gallows starts giving in....the wood is chopped and thrown away. When the very legs that carry us, contain the venom of our probable death...we choose to do away with it. This is what is needed, rather than mere tolerance. Flipping a journalist is not something that is culpable of making the front page. But the flip, can undoubtedly alter the headline. If a lion is tamed...then what be of a wolf. The people of India have only one vote to change their government. But they have a daily vote as far as their news preference is concerned.

We live in a world where two things are valued the most.....1) bread...and 2) the people who don't sell their souls for bread. The latter is valued more....but the irony lies in the last sentence. There is no bread. They may have revealed the hoards of scams that dawned our nation. But this clean flip does not nullify those rights. In the era of double and triple agents, people latch onto anything that is even a little true. But using that trust to rubbish a political party that they praised a day earlier is almost sheepishly obvious. If you do wish to be bought...then be open about it. Do not brag about your morally and politically correct conscience, while dealing money from under the table. The journalist in question has destroyed the hope of many an Indians who respect honest journalism....and has also failed miserably in the heist for which he was contracted. The problem doesn't end with salvos being bludgeoned at this journalist. We live in a democratic nation, were people are not rulers....but merely ingredients in a tar mixture that lays the road for the monarchical populists. We know this...but still console our minds by reading the definition of democracy. The only thing that we Indians have, that is closest to a our dear media. But if even they have been compromised, then what of us ordinary citizens. Like spectators in a game of squash.

This article is short, and deliberately short.....because it is not the content that matters....but the intent with which it has been written. If guardians of truth are to be turned...then what can be expected of the chamchaas of lies.

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