Monday, 5 May 2014

Priyanka's campaign....if you can say so?

The Congress party is battered. 10 years of pulling it's punches, and caring it's wounds and the trouble just doesn't seem to recede. Polling is almost done, and now we're entering a phase of the elections, where the license to demonise is doing it's rounds. The papers are filled with articles on how the playmakers of Indian politics are stooping to new lows. If TMC thinks Modi is a butcher....then the counter-salvo reads that Didi is feeding the underworld. Baseless and underrated arguments have plagued this election with a periodic run to the Election Commission's office to register a complaint. Our politicians are transfiguring into small kids who race of to their teachers for the most silliest of reasons. Come on....everybody knows that Modi or say Azam Khan is never going to be banned from contesting. This election has also shed light on some of the frighteningly large loopholes in our electoral laws. Don't hold out your party symbol while taking a selfie? That is not only preposterous, it's utterly outrageous. And kudos to the Congress chamchaas for pointing out that Modi purposefully revealed who he had voted for. The entire world believed till then, that the Prime Ministerial candidate of the BJP had voted for the Congress candidate!!!! I think we can trust human intelligence to a degree where we can be sure that people are not going to vote on the basis of the quality of lighting in the selfies of their leaders.

The hallmark of a good spokesperson is his ability to complete his sentence and thus drive out any niche for ambiguity. But what is happening nowadays is 'eating the whole pie....but swallowing only half' . Let's face facts here. The stomach only digests the half that went down the foodpipe....not the half that is being churned in the mouth. We turn on the TV and we see statements being made by politicians that make us question their political skill set. The media plays out the part that is provoking and swallows the rest. But on a closer inspection, we find that the intent was less provocative.....or even acceptable. Some comments are clearly and visibly provocative and those have to be condemned. But making scapegoats out of maybe an innocent politician for boosted TRPs is demonic.

The latest headline in Indian 2014, is Priyanka-the juggernaut. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And the Congress party has gone way below the desperate level...and so it resorted to it's flamboyant contingency plan. Bring in a dedicated homemaker with a monsoon-like political track record, and a tainted husband to make foolish and baseless allegations against anybody who is on the wrong side of Congress.....and don't forget the shots of nostalgia that come from her hairstyle and attire that reminds one of a former Prime minister who co-incidentally is also her grand mother. And of course...the periodic reference to each one of her well performing ancestors whenever a tough question is asked. PERIOD. The media is hailing Priyanka's impact on the elections of 2014...and her comparison to Narendra Modi is very rational, the say. 437 public rallies, 1000+ 3D rallies, 3 lakh kilometres, and 197 road shows of Narendra Modi, against some 10 rallies by Priyanka Gandhi in 2 places over some 30 days. The comparison is obvious right? First in the blame list is the media who have aggrandised Priyanka's late entry as the Oscars of 2014 elections. The second in the list are the people of Amethi and Rae Baraeli who have even considered treating Priyanka Gandhi as a serious politician. The fact of the matter is.....Arvind Kejriwal, with a political career over 2 years has much more credibility and political quotient that Priyanka Vadra. Politics is a very sensitive issue, and representing the people calls for complete devotion and attention. But Priyanka is a homemaker and is a an irregular entrant with no political experience or/and credibility. As hard as this sounds....the reality of seasoned Congress politicians and spokespersons with bundled experience, defending and fire fighting for Mrs Vadra is even more disturbing.

The other question to be asked is....Where on earth is Rahul Gandhi? The Congress had trumped all it's card facedown on the table...and the entire country including the party leadership was convinced that it was Rahul. But alas....when the card is lifted, it's Priyanka who props up. This ambiguity within the Congress is it' own Achilles heel and the BJP's nuke.

Priyanka's entrance into the political Colosseum has been dramatic and controversial. She is like the heroines of Mr Bhansali's films where the flaring end of her tailing saree lights up the path that she has just trodden on. Controversies follow her, but they only affect you when you react to them. Last weeks talking point was about Modi's cameo in Priyanka's new flick.....'Baap, Beeti aur rajneeti'. I had the privilege of seeing the unedited interview where he had allegedly claimed Priyanka to be his long lost daughter....but failed to spot the sentence. Probably the most outrageous interpretation of a statement, ever by an entity. It is almost like saying that X is a killer because he was the only one within a radius of 50 kilometres with a registered gun....and he happened to be a cop!! This is not the only time Modi has been a victim of misinterpretation. The puppy remark was badly used by the Congress and the media to demolish Modi's long drive...but in vain. Instead of looking at the video in question and analysing the situation....Priyanka Vadra sheepishly dismissed the issue by saying that her father was Rajiv Gandhi. This didn't come in as much of a surprise however because her lineage is the sole reason she is in the lime light!! But the only person disappointed by all this was Cupid...who was expecting a classy father-daughter reconciliation!!

Election 2014 has been a cracker of a film. Humour, villains, heroes, cameos, stupidity, masala....almost makes it seem like the ingredients column of Lays. But all debates will be put to rest...all claims will be soiled....and all demons will be slayed...come May 16.

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