Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Why can't the BJP win over the mallus?

Kerala is the southern-most state in India, with natural bounty that casts a spell on visitors, and demographics that other states are envious of. But that's not the only interesting thing about Kerala. It is also the last remaining bastion of the Left ideology in the country. While an ideology can never be abrogated, its political emanation can surely be dismantled. After being routed in Bengal and Tripura, the communists now have Kerala to bank on. South Indian states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu have been known for their deep seated animosity against Hindi speakers and Hindi heartland parties like the BJP; but this animosity has reached a new level in Kerala. There is an inherent feeling among the Malayali population that their opinions are bullet-proof and the BJP is a worthless 2-penny party! There does exist an air of superiority among the Keralites while talking about national politics. Our impeccable record in providing literacy has given us a false sense of arrogance, which is often personified in our spite towards the BJP. While the opponents of Modi consider him to be a divisive leader with an inflated track record, Keralites see him as God's curse to India, as a pure form of evil which is similar to the Nazis or the Italian Fascists. There is a genuine belief in Kerala that the BJP's electoral success is because the rest of India is not as enlightened as them. Never once have they considered the possibility that it could simply be the outcome of inherent differences in the perspectives and ideologies of mankind which differentiates us from beasts! Keralites hate the BJP as a matter of principle, and being a BJP supporter in Kerala is often equated with being a 'Sanghi' who wishes to destroy the secular fabric of India!

Someone needs to tell the Keralites that reading and writing one's own name in your mother tongue is not the hallmark of enlightenment, or even civility! People who support the BJP are not uneducated and uncouth, and differences in opinion are only a part of a vibrant democracy! Why is it that people fail to see Modi as political opponent, and view him as the embodiment of Satan? The answer lies in the social dynamics of Kerala. The genesis of all left ideologies have been through oppression. When the far limits of oppression is reached, the working class revolts against the bourgeois and capture power. This is where leaders like Che Guevara and Mao Zedong achieved immortality; by leading the revolution of the proletariat and bringing style into mass murder of non-communists! Communism in Kerala never achieved this revolution phase, partly because land reforms and social equality were constitutionally guaranteed. Then why exactly did Kerala elect a communist government in the height of the cold war? Pure absurdity, or logical progression. Its actually the latter, because the first generation post independence leaders of the communist party were truly legendary! The likes of EMS and A K Gopalan were true Marxians who lived a frugal life and lived for the downtrodden. Compare this with the crony capitalists and a corrupt breed of new generation leaders masquerading as communists, and we truly realise that communism in its true sense is already dead in India! Communism does not preach violence against political opponents, and the reason is quite simple. Communism was never supposed to be a political ideology; it was an economic theory which needed political application! Tyrants like Mao and Castro had subverted this utopian ideology and this perversion continues in Kerala in the form of political killings. The absence of any revolution in Kerala has led to communists acting as rebels against blatantly benign issues with unnecessary use of violence(often against their own police). Leftist ideology has become more of a fashion statement in Kerala than a meaningful political affiliation. Students join communist youth wings and feign false importance by calling each other 'comrade' over a cup of black tea! With literally no understanding of the leftist ideology, or its modern tenets, these young people are mere henchmen for the mass leaders who orchestrate killings and put on pale facial expressions.

The society in Kerala tends to have an extended loyalty to the state which is far superior to their affinity to the state. There is an innate sense of disappointment among some people regarding Kerala's geographical location within India. The society also has a false sense of persecution, as it feels that each and every one of the central government programmes and initiatives are aimed at destabilising and destroying the Malayali society. The false arrogance and the heightened sense of righteousness does not bode well for a state which is in tatters(financially). Malayalis need to realise that they are not the only educated society in the country, and that they are not the self-anointed guardians of India's secular fabric. Sometimes extreme hatred can make people see a conspiracy in even the most anodyne issues. Kerala's unyielding hatred for the BJP is creeping into the territory of anti-nationalism, wherein not only the party, but the large majority of the population who have voted for it are also seen as stupid and divisive.

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